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We deliver meaningful and actionable board reviews and governance advice to help Boards and C-suites provide the best possible oversight and direction to their companies. 

Our focus is how your board adds value and what, if anything, is getting in the way of maximising its contribution. We enhance board effectiveness by assisting our clients to strengthen their governance and leadership, and to ensure these are aligned to achieving the organisation's purpose in a sustainable way.

By continuing to explore and sharpen our understanding of global perspectives and innovative practices, we provide advice that enables governing bodies to be even more valuable, relevant and responsible. 

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Recommendations to enhance effectiveness

Our goal is to help you to be the highest performing board you can. Our attention embraces the leadership of the Chairman, the contribution of individual Directors, the role of senior management, the dynamics among the board and executives, as well as all board processes, structures and activities. 

Our approaches are tailored to individual boards and typically include in-depth confidential interviews supplemented by online surveys. 

Our recommendations are short, focused and actionable. They provide a clear roadmap for the board in its ongoing development and quest for the most appropriate governance for the organisation.


Robust processes to ensure continuity

The best performing boards invest in ensuring they get Chair succession right. After all, the leadership of the Chair is perhaps the single greatest influence on board performance.

Planning well in advance for the transition, carefully considering the capabilities and behaviours required, ensuring the perspective of the entire board is canvassed, and transparent communications are vital. 

We can provide structure to guide the entire Board and/or the Nominations or Governance committee through a robust and rigorous process to ensure smooth transition.

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Ensuring your board is fit for purpose

High performing boards regularly review the capabilities, behaviours, skills and leadership of their directors (individually and collectively).  

Globally, boards face increasing regulation, heightened stakeholder demands and pressure to deliver on purpose and sustainability amidst turbulent economies, digital disruption, the threat of climate change and of course the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The need to ensure that the mix of directors' skills is evolving continually has never been higher. Board composition that reflects independence of thought, diversity of perspective and deep domain experience, is a vital component of governance effectiveness. A well thought-out board skills matrix is essential for best performance and informed succession


Governing in a COVID-19 World

Board meetings have another level of complexity now. Balancing the need to govern the present with the vital focus on future sustainability and strategy is more challenging than normal as the world adjusts to the COVID-19 crisis.  Many boards are working remotely while their organisations confront employee, customer and supplier health concerns, as well as financial threats and risk.

And actually running and participating in mostly virtual meetings may be new territory for many. Ranging from how the Chairman best leads discussion and ensures everyone can contribute, to the challenges of running a virtual AGM, to debates about purpose, to how to get the best out of under pressure executives, we have been impressed by the approaches companies have adopted, and how swiftly.

We've been gathering insights and tips for how to most effectively govern in this new environment, and will add others to this page as they are published.

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Building better links between the board and management

Effectiveness in the board room is heavily influenced by the quality of information received from management and how directors interact with executives in the board room.

Board engagement is designed to help executives prepare the right information, and to discuss it comprehensively with the board, thereby heightening the level of debate and contribution amongst the directors.

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Since Governance for Good began, we’ve provided our services pro bono to a variety of organisations. Each of them has been engaged on a mission close to our heart -- child health, environment, wildlife, art, sports and governance. On every project we undertake, our most important objective is to provide our clients with excellent contemporary governance advice that they may not otherwise be able to access. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - get in touch to learn more.

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