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Dr Vince Murdoch

Board & Governance Advisor

Vince brings a thorough and discreet approach to exploring board performance issues and how to address them successfully. He believes that a good board is not a complacent board, rather one that constantly evaluates itself and asks: “What, if anything, is currently getting in the way of the board operating as effectively as possible?” and ”How can this board add or create more value?”

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For over three decades Dr Murdoch has provided independent advice to large listed, government, NFP or private Australian and multi-national corporations throughout Asia Pacific. Originally trained as a psychologist he is keenly interested in the impact of behaviours, processes and dynamics on board functioning. He maintains a strong interest in what high performing boards might do in specific governance areas.

Most of the boards Vince has worked with in recent times have a heightened focus on accountability, transparency, leadership, the Board-MD relationship, the board’s role in strategy, risk, culture, sustainability and stakeholder engagement. His approach to Board Reviews helps organisations develop strategies for effective stewardship and transform exceptional directors into a cohesive, high performing board.

He is often engaged when a board faces:

  • the spotlight from for example the media, a Royal Commission, or stakeholders,

  • a real or potential change of control,

  • heightened competitive pressures and/or customer demands, 

  • stakeholders demanding significant change, or

  • a significant need for change or renewal in leadership, relationships and/or capabilities of the Board. 

Accordingly, many of his assignments address high profile, challenging issues that require a considered, rigorous approach.


Within the ASX 70, Vince has also been engaged to assist boards in their relationships with executive teams. These assignments are designed to enhance the quality and level of debate inside the boardroom.  They focus on how the MD and C-Suite are preparing papers; what they say during the board meeting, committees or off site strategy sessions; and how they most productively manage the Q&A from the board to promote the best possible interactions between the board and management.


Main industries covered include banking, insurance, and financial services; fast moving consumer goods; oil and gas; advertising; professional services; metals and manufacturing; and mining and construction.


Projects have been undertaken in Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Vince has worked with dual listed entities on the Australian, NY and Singapore exchanges, as well as organisations with many international directors.


To support AICD's mission, Dr Murdoch is one of 8 external independent advisors engaged to provide governance consulting through the Board Advance Advisory Practice. He is also an Accredited Specialist in the use of AICD’s online Board Review Governance Analysis Tool™. He facilitates several AICD professional development programs and most recently has conducted board briefings on behalf of AICD for boards wanting to examine the implications of the Hayne Royal Commission and the APRA report into the CBA. 

He has also served on the Federal Council of the Institute of Management Consultants, is a member of the IMCA, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. 

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He has contributed to various AICD Company Director features including:

  • "10 leadership tips for directors" on how directors can lead most effectively during the crisis ... read more

  • “Governance innovation needed for higher board performance” on what boards can do differently to increase their effectiveness ... read more 

  • “What can be done about expanding board packs and information overload?” on how boards can better address their information needs ... read more

  • "20 tips for directors to be at their best during the crisis" on the role of boards of directors during the COVID-19 pandemic ... read more 

  • “Under the Microscope” on Board Effectiveness

  • “Breaking new ground” on the importance of directors with global experience

  • “Raising the Bar” on the implication for boards of ASX-listed companies of the revised Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

  • ​Should skills matrices include boardroom behaviour?" ...  read more 

  • “Feature: The Skill Set” beyond a box-ticking exercise to an important governance and investor relations opportunity ...  read more

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He has written short articles on a variety of aspects of board performance, e.g.:

  • What can directors do about COVID-19?

  • Composition is superior to independence

  • How effective is your Board Capability Matrix?

  • Board Review FAQs

  • How strong Boards fail

  • Board tenure

  • Signs a board portfolio is too full

  • Who will win the Super industry skills arms race?

  • Hallmarks of a Successful Board

  • Board dysfunction

  • 3 Key Questions to Lift Board Performance

  • Board Reviews: Who guards the guards?

  • Board succession

  • Supercharge your Board

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